Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Canister Vacuum Cleaner

November 16, 2014

Why should you choose a canister style cleaner--or why shouldn't you? As with most things, much of what will make you decide whether or not you need one will have to do with personal preference and what your needs are. 

What is it that makes a canister vacuum what it is? Simply put, it is a style of vacuum in which a canister is pulled by the user from behind instead of being pushed in front of the user. The difference in design allows for specific preferences and needs to be filled on part of the user. Below I will share with you some of the pros and cons of choosing canister.


  • Mobility: Canister models provides increased mobility over other traditional vacuums. You will be able to reach under low profile furniture and difficult to reach areas as you won't be blocked by a large vacuum body in front of you
  • Quiet cleaning experience: Canister machines tend to be quieter than other designs. This proves great if you live in close quarters or in an apartment complex with thin walls--especially if you prefer to get your cleaning done at odd hours!
  • Compact and lightweight: Canisters are typically small and lightweight--making cleaning stairs a much easier chore. If the head of the vacuum is lightweight (which it most likely will be) moving it across wood floors or carpets will seem effortless. A perfect style of vacuum for hardwood floor lovers.
  • Powerful Engines: As there is no limit to the size of the engine, canister vacuums tend to be more powerful than a traditional models-- this of course equals to faster cleaning. 
  • More tools: They typically come equipped with more tools--crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, or perhaps even a mechanized brush. All these added tools will make your machine very versatile and able to clean efficiently.


  • Storage issues: Due to the design, storage could be more of a problem. Though once the vacuum is disassembled it can fit in a small space. 
  • Assembly required: As you are required to disassemble it when storing it, this means that you must also assemble it again every time you use it. Over time, this could become tiresome. 
  • Hauling from behind: This vacuum is sometimes criticized for taking more energy to be pulled from behind than gliding something from the front. In addition, the vacuum body might unexpectedly hit some of your furniture. 
  • Back Pain: The main issue with this style of cleaner is that it will cause you to bend over a lot, something that may prove difficult if you already suffer from back problems.
  • Greater Expense: The cost is typically higher than traditional vacuums.
I hope these points help you to decide which type of cleaner is the best fit for you. However, there is nothing quite like performing a personal trial for yourself. Ask around among your family and friends and find out who already owns one - certainly nobody will turn down a free cleaning session from you! In the meantime you can keep the above points in mind and decide if a canister vacuum is THE one.


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